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From Me To You:
a story in e-mails
Part 3
by Red

Part 1 | Part 2
Rating: PG

From: L.O. <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Mon Mothma <peoples_mothma@calamari.org>


I talked to Luke. He is slowly getting better, although still somewhat shaken from 
his ordeal. I suppose a brush with death does that to one. He still hasnít told me 
everything that happened between himself and the Dark Lord in Cloud City, but he 
keeps saying he did not want to become another Vader. I can only guess that otherwise 
Vader would have caught him and forced him into darkside training, so he chose to 
jump. From this alone it is clear, in my opinion, that he has not betrayed us. His 
nightmares have mostly ceased, and he has become quite used to his new hand, so I 
expect he will rejoin our ranks soon.


From: Prince Xizor <ubervigo@blacksun.org>
To: Princess Leia Organa <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net>

To Her Highness 
Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan

Your Highness,

I have been informed that you are trying to locate one Boba Fett, a bounty hunter who is in possession of something precious to you. My men may have some information concerning his current whereabouts where, I have been told, he will remain for some time. 

As an ardent admirer of your brilliance and beauty, I would be delighted to share this information with you, if  we can come to an agreement. Therefore, I am proposing to discuss this, and topics more enjoyable, with you in the Menarai on fifthday, 15th of this month, 2100 hours.

Until that happy hour, I remain

Yours truly,

Prince Xizor 
Black Sun Corporation

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Master <master.thesith.gov>

My Master, 

Yesterday, upon returning to my quarters aboard the Executor, I found an intruder armed with a blaster and a lightsabre, copying my data files on a holocrystal. I dispatched him immediately; upon further examination the individual turned out to be one of your operatives, Mara Jade. 

I assure you, master I had no intention to counteract any mission or task ordered by yourself. Had I been informed that you require some of the information in my possession, I would have given it willingly. I shall send you the datacrystal with Jadeís copied files and shall accept any punishment you deem appropriate for disrupting your plans.

Yours faithfully,
your apprentice
Darth Vader

From: Borsk <feylyaforever@silverwhistle.bothannet.ga> 
To: Mon Mothma <peoples_mothma@calamari.org>


Have you visited the Endor Forestscape holiday resort lately? Rumours say there are interesting new developments for the benefit of vacationeers, one of them being a space station offering never-before-seen laser heat treatment not unlike the late artificial moon circling Yavin.

This is serious, love. Iíll make some inquiries about prices and available rooms.

Concerned about your health,


From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


I can feel you are doing better now. You should have listened to me when I first said we need to talk. Hopefully you have learned your lesson. Take this as a warning: I do not wish to see you disfigured like I am, but I would rather have you hurt but alive, than dead because of your foolish persistence.

However, I am wiser now, too. I can see you are not someone who yields when driven into a corner. Cloud City was an experience I really do not care to repeat. But it is still true that a sonís place should be with his parents. If I ever had a father, I would be by his side. When I was young, I met someone who was like a father to me. He taught and supported me, and most of all, never lied to me. He was there in my darkest moments, in the way no one else was. I am still by his side.

I realize our relationship is different; it only started when you were almost an adult. But Luke, there is still so much I could teach you. I know the Jedi side, as I was one once, but I also know the Sith side; you could have both. Imagine how powerful you could be - you would be able to help shape the galaxy just the way you think right.

Your father,
Darth Vader

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Jixton <sixpack@chubanet.org>

Go to Tatooine, find Skywalker, and keep an eye on both Jabbaís and the lizardís assassins. If Luke is not on Tatooine, contact me immediately. Transport: an independent pilot will contact you shortly. If you fail, you will never need to worry about your tobacco allowance: your smoking organs will be quite inoperative.


From: skifferissian <skiffer101@jabbaonline.org>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>

Iím in! (Note the new e-mail address.) Not that it took much effort. Soloís here alright, on the wall in the alcove to the left of Jabbaís lounging lair.

The overall No. of guards is roughly as we estimated, but several dozen pirates, bounty hunters and other armed folk also about. Notably our dear friend Boba. Canít imagine how you get in, it takes a turbolaser battery to get the blast shields down. Never mind, I donít want to know.

Otherwise, it is boring, and the place stinks, so donít you dare to postpone your little visit.


From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>

Thank you for being so open. I think now I understand you a little better. I, too, would like to talk to you. Perhaps I will come and find you one day. That is, if your men donít shoot me first. But if I come, then not because it is my destiny or my place, but because I choose to. Right now I am not sure you can accept me as I am; or even if you could, the Emperor wouldnít let you.

Father, why do you obey him? Can you make your own decisions at all? Here in the Alliance, among my friends, I have the freedom to stay or leave and choose a different path. Can you honestly tell me I would have the same freedom with you?

BTW, I learned a nifty trick with the Force - I can suggest ideas to others, and they will think it is their own idea. Can you do that? Iím terribly proud of myself. :o)


From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke Skywalker <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


I realize this craving for freedom is only natural to you as a young man. However, it is only illusory, and the sooner you realize it the better. As you progress in the Force, you will find that there is no freedom, only your destiny. I had to make a similar choice in my youth. Whatever you choose, you will find that your path is already written in the Force.

Congratulations on learning the Jedi Mind Trick (thatís what your new skill is called). I am very proud of you. What does :o) mean?

Your father,
Darth Vader

From: skifferissian <skiffer101@jabbaonline.org>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>

I hope you're there, bud. Han's defrosted, but they were caught. Leia chained to the Hutt. I couldn't do anything. Get yourself here pronto!


From: Mon Mothma <peoples_mothma@calamari.org>
To: All units <alliance@yokelgroups.com>
Subject: [Alliance]Get-together

It has been confirmed that the Empire is building a new Death Star. We cannot allow this to happen. Therefore we must strike soon, while the Death Star is not yet operational. For tactical planning and training manoeuvres, I suggest we meet in the Void behind the Sullust system at the enclosed coordinates.

Mon Mothma

[attachment: 28e05743.tx.nav.]

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke Skywalker <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


Impressive work with Jabba the Hutt. Your friends, however, exhibited typical disorganised and sloppy Rebel planning. (Yes, I know about that; don't ask how).

Darth Vader

From: Luke Skywalker <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>

> and sloppy Rebel planning. (Yes, I know about that; don't ask how).

No need to ask; a while ago I noticed a very peculiar swoopman whose clumsiness got him in his comrades' way more than in mine. I also noticed him among the scum surrounding Jabba. I assume he is your don't-ask-how man. You may commend him for a job well done. However, I hope I won't be seeing any of him from now on, or I'll be forced to deal with him as your spy.


From: Mon Mothma <peoples_mothma@calamari.org>
To: L.O. <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net>


You cannot imagine how glad I was to hear of your safe return. You had us all quite worried for some time. Captain Solo's recovery is another happy news, of which there have been so few lately. And I must say, regardless of General Calrissian's behaviour towards you, Captain Solo and Jedi Skywalker in Cloud City, he has proved himself a capable organizer. Not that I condone his actions in C.C in any way, I am just happy to have my pre-conceived ideas upturned so thoroughly.

Speaking of Jedi Skywalker, I must confess he has a regrettable tendency to disappear without a trace at crucial moments, justifying it only with his Jedi business. Are you sure he has not kept up his contact with Vader and is not meeting him? After all, Vader is his father and a powerful Force user, so it is quite possible that he has some influence over him.


From: Luke Skywalker <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>


I have come to a difficult decision. I must see you. Could you instruct your troops not to shoot me on sight?

There is something I want you to know. I have been visiting Master Yoda. He passed away recently; that is the only reason I feel safe to tell you this. Anyway; Yoda says I must confront you to become a Jedi. And suddenly I find I don't want to be a Jedi, if this means killing you. You are my father; how could I kill you? You've become something like a ... well, I don't even know, not really a friend yet, but I've come to look forward to your messages. 

I don't really want to fight with you, but I'm telling you quite honestly, I will not accept your Dark side, and would rather fight than turn. But father, surely there must be another way? So I'm coming to you in peace, even if only to prove Yoda wrong. I will try to find that other way. Father, perhaps you can meet me half-way? Why don't you leave the Emperor and come with me? Couldn't you just forget about the duties and listen to your heart for once? Please? I need you.

I'm going somewhere where I don't have holonet access, so I won't be able to read your messages before I return. Perhaps we will meet before that; then we can talk face to face. If not, I'll reply when I can.


From: solo <solo@nalhutta.net>
To: Boss <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net>

Highnessness, where the hell are you? I've tried to find you or raise you on your comm. Just wanted to let you know that NO WAY am I going to let your golden menace anywhere near Tydirium. And I am the leader of this mission, remember? I'll need my wits about me, so the droid is NOT COMING. And that's final. Tell him so, for he won't listen to me, just keeps blabbering about your orders.


From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


I am writing this as they are taking you up to the Death Star. Soon I will follow in my own shuttle. 

It is probably unwise of me to write this, but I comfort myself that I can recall this message before you read it, if I am in the condition to do so.

I, too, have made a rather difficult decision. You asked me to come with you; that I cannot do. Not while I am tied to my master. The bond between him and me is like an artery of life that sustains us both and can only be undone in death. But I have decided that I will do my best that you come out of this confrontation alive and unharmed, and I pray to the Force that I have the strength to do what must be done.

In the case I do not survive this, I have drawn up my will, appointing you the sole heir of my property and estates. It is in the keeping of Mr Eschison at Eschison, Burkes & Antilles. 

There is too much to say, but it does not feel right to write it. I would rather say it to you in person, if we get the chance. If not, know that I will always be proud of you. It has been a pleasure to know you.

Your father
Darth Vader
(Anakin Skywalker)

From: Luke Skywalker <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: <darthvader@thesith.gov>


I know you're not there, but I miss you. Several times I've found I automatically start a new message and type your address in, thinking I will tell you this or I will ask you that. I wish we could still talk. Ben appeared to me after his death - can you do that?

From: Mailer-Daemon
To: Shooting Star <shooting_star @coruscant-freeservice.net>

Your message

To:      darthvader@thesith.gov 
Subject: [untitled]
Sent:    04/07/23 12:27:21 Standard Time 

did not reach the following recipient(s):

The recipient name is not recognized.

The Msg-ID of the original message is:
c=gov;a=GatesFORExchange:FORE:thesith:FM1:FakeMAILer 0 (000C05A6) unknown recipient

___Msg from Shooting Star <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> sent 04/07/23 12:27:21 Standard Time___

I know you're not there, but I miss you. Several times I've found I automatically start a new message and type your address in, thinking I will tell you this or I will ask you that. I wish we could still talk. Ben appeared to me after his death - can you do that?

Cantus finitus est.

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