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From Me To You:
a story told in e-mails
Part 2
by Red

Rating: PG

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


If you do not let me know within the next twenty four hours that you are alive and well, I shall have to assume that you have come to bodily harm, and take appropriate fleet action.

Darth Vader

From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>

What in the stars do you imagine I have to say to you? Aww, thankee, dad, how incredibly sweet that you care?

Why didn't you tell me? You're just as bad as everyone else. I asked you to tell me clearly what happened to my father; I *begged* you!!! Like it's not enough that people point their fingers, saying, look, Vader's whelp. No, I HAVE TO HEAR IT FROM A FRICKIN BLOODY HOLOCHANNEL!!! How cool is that?

You can't even bring yourself to call yourself father or something. You sign your messages Darth Vader. Well, I tell you what. My father was Anakin Skywalker. I have nothing to do with one Darth Vader, torturer and murderer.

No, I don't think we have anything to say to each other. Next time I see you in that bloody hunchbacked TIE of yours, I hope to blast you to smithereens.

From: MJ <jadeboots@iinetwork.org>
To: Master <master@thesith.gov>


Everything normal so far. V sending out thousands of space probes, readying his fleet. It is my impression that he is, indeed, carrying out his mission.

There is still contact with the Skywalker whelp.

Faithfully yours,
Mara Jade

From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>
To: Han Solo <solo@nalhutta.net>


I'm sorry for taking out my anger on you like that. You didn't deserve it. I've been a prat.

You're right, I am not Vader, he hasn't raised me, he has no right over me. And yet, there is a connection deep inside myself. Perhaps it is because we two are the sole remaining Jedi. I have no way of knowing. But I can't help thinking of him and me, day and night. It's not like I have anything else to do here. So I think.

You see, there was something Leia said in her letter to me. She said that Vader can never be a hero or a good friend. But that is precisely what Ben said about my father - that he was a hero and a good friend. So, whatever happened to him, once he was like I am now. So I keep asking myself, what if? What if?

I'm probably rambling.

I suppose I don't have to explain why I left the base and went into hiding. You've all been great friends, but still, the stares are sometimes hard to take.

Say hello to Chewie from me, and hugz to Leia.


From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov>
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net>


You are too old to be childish. Do you really think I should be overwhelmed with joy and happiness to learn that my own flesh and blood is a rebel who forces war upon the galaxy, a killer who with one push of a button destroys millions, a traitor whom I am tasked to find and destroy?

If you insist on these emotions, then let your hatred really course through you, instead of being merely petulant. Let your mind give it direction, and shape it into an effective weapon. At least then it has some use.

I will find you soon, and then we will talk. Until then, I remain

your father
(whether you accept it or not)
Darth Vader

From: solo <solo@nalhutta.net>
To: MON MOTHMA <peoples_mothma@calamari.org>,  <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net>, C Rieekan <rieek@hotdot.com>
Subject: Re: looking for a new base

Got something from an old friend, perhaps it's worth looking into. See forwarded message.


----------Forwarded Message follows----------

From: Calrissian <admin@tibanna.ba.bes>
To: solo <solo@nalhutta.net>

solo <solo@nalhutta.net> wrote:
> I'm planning to set up a bizness. Know any
> suitable location where certain people would
> not get too nosey?

In reply to your message: 
There is one planet in the neighbouring system that is remote and secluded enough, but barely liveable. It's called Hoth. The coordinates you will find in any galactic database.

But I warn you, regardless what the databases say, its average temperature must be near absolute zero.

What type of biz are you getting into, old man?


Baron Lando Calrissian
Cloud City Enterprise

----------End Forwarded Message-------------

From: Carlist Rieekan <rieek@hotdot.com> 
To: All members <alliance@yokelgroups.com> 
Subject: [Alliance]Exodus 

Attn all members: 

The move to Echo Base, Hoth, will take place in 72 hours (thirdday 0500). All units except Tech 1 and 2 must board their assigned transport at least three hours prior. Tech 1 and 2: boarding deadline in 120 minutes. 

Those who have not yet collected their cold weather gear report to your unit quartermaster asap. 

Fighter squadrons: briefing on Home One in 4 hours. 

Luke Skywalker: stop wallowing. 

Carlist Rieekan 

From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 

How dare you? How dare you call me childish, you know absolutely nothing of me! How dare you accuse me of acts of war, when you have destroyed an entire peaceful planet? How dare you call me and my friends traitors, just because our views and beliefs happen to be different from yours? And most of all, how dare you call yourself my father, if you are so hell-bent on destroying me? 

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 


I'll have you know that I have never denied what I am or what I have done. Necessity has sometimes dictated harsh acts, but at least I do not hide behind false promises of peace and equality. Law and order is the way; where there is order, there is peace. That is what I fight for. If a rebel band threatens it by taking up arms, it is my duty to bring them down. Any state would treat you similarly; in fact, the Empire has been rather lenient in allowing the rebels to exist for so long, in the hopes that the misguided members would see reason. 

Once again, son, you are incorrect in your assumption that I wish to destroy you personally. My mission is with the rebels; I would rather not harm you in the process, but I must if you persist in this foolishness. It would be wise of you to cut all contact with them immediately. I reiterate my wish that you would agree to talk to me in person, so that we might clarify those matters. 

Your father 
Darth Vader 

From: solo <solo@nalhutta.net> 
To: Boss <rememberalderaan@coruscant-freeservice.net> 

Hi Worshipfulness 

Luke was released from medical ward. Seems okay, except his face is still somewhat mashed up. And no detergent earthly or unearthly can seem to take the tauntaun smell out of his clothes. 

A group of your loyal devotees is planning to have an outing this afternoon at 1400, to admire different shades of white and make some snow sculptures. Thought you'd like to join. 

Your Most Humble and Devoted Servant. 

From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 
To: Mon Mothma <peoples_mothma@calamari.org> 


You needn't worry about Leia. I saw the Millennium Falcon make it safely away from the hangar caves, and I know Captain Solo will be looking after Leia well. Expect them to rejoin you soon, if they haven't already. 

I'm also letting you know that I won't be joining the Alliance forces at the meeting point. A Jedi mission has come up, which I must undertake immediately. I have no idea how long it will take; but I'll try to keep in touch and be with you for anything major. 

Luke Skywalker 

From: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 
To: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 


True law and order can only originate from within an individual; it must be based on his voluntary decision to act in a way that will not harm his neighbour; or else it turns into oppression. 

Honestly, stop pestering me about meeting. I suppose it comes as no surprise that I don't trust you. You have too many advantages over me, and no scruples at all. So you needn't bother repeating it. 

I will not be answering your messages very regularly for a while; just warning you 'cause I don't want any death threats to my friends. 

Luke Skywalker 

From: MJ <jadeboots@iinetwork.org> 
To: Master <master@thesith.gov> 


V is clearly beside himself, acting erratically. Short bouts of meditation, conflicting orders, no regular daily schedule. Fleet is terrified. Better rapport with the new admiral, Piett - I suggest need to keep an eye on him. 

Fett reports that to escape, the Millennium Falcon used tactics that apparently are well known among smugglers and small pirate groups, taking advantage of the Navy's standard procedure of ejecting garbage before entering hyperspace. May I suggest the procedure be modified to avoid such occurrences in the future. 

V still in contact with the rebel. 

Faithfully yours, 
Mara Jade 

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 


Obi-Wan and Princess Organa have apparently filled your head with idealistic foolishness. You only need to take a look at the minutes of the Old Republic senate sessions during its later years (for example, the last two years under Valorum's chancellorship) to see where your precious free will and voluntary decisions lead. Do you honestly believe a hundred quardrillion beings can come to some sort of workable agreement just based on their individual voluntary actions? 

However, you have grown much wiser and stronger lately. 

Be careful, son. 

Your father, 
Darth Vader 

From: Sidious <master@thesith.gov> 
To: Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 


I have felt the Skywalker brat is growing stronger. Is he being trained? By whom? Need I remind you, he must not become a Jedi. You must not allow his growth in the Force to progress beyond the point where he cannot be turned. 

Darth Sidious

From: Darth Vader <darthvader@thesith.gov> 
To: Luke <shooting_star@coruscant-freeservice.net> 

Where the hell are you, son? 
Whatever you are doing, stop this immediately. 

Darth Vader 

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