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Guidelines for Fanfiction Submission at Bast Castle

1. Stories must be on-topic. Bast Castle is a Darth Vader site. While he might not be the sole focus of the story, it is expected that he is a major figure in it.

2. Submissions must be betaed, i.e. proof-read and copy-edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, continuity, and sensibility. There are no exceptions to this rule. Bast Castle's Fiction Manager (Maia) is in real life a professional editor, but she has only a limited amount of time available to spend on maintaining the website. In other words, do not expect Maia to edit your work other than minor formatting for Bast Castle.

Everything else is your job.

3. Fics can range from humor to drama to AU and canon. Both Adult and General submissions are welcome. There are no restrictions in terms of rating or subject matter.

4. File formats. Please send ONLY Word (.doc) or CLEAN .html files. DO NOT send files converted to .html using Word or other programs. These are full of extraneous code which must be stripped before archiving, and Maia does not have the time to do this. Send the original word processor file(s) instead. If you are having problems regarding file format, please contact Maia about which file formats and conversions are suitable.

5. Submissions where his Lordship is too far out of character (OOC), are plagiarized, tasteless, or unsuitable for other reasons (e.g. continuity errors or poor writing throughout) are not acceptable. We are interested in quality not quantity.

6. The Fiction Manager (Maia) reserves the right to decline/reject any submission for any reason she

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