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Title: The Sun
Author: Arkady Skywalker (poke_girl_1@yahoo.com)
Rating: PG
Category: Ficlet, AU, Drama, Angst
Characters: Vader, Luke

Summary: Vader survives ROTJ

The Sun

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, Second in Command of the Empire and one of the most feared men in the galaxy was crying.

He had been standing in the Imperial Throne Room for hours, staring at the small body laid out before him. He watched the Endorian sun slowly come into its full blazing glory through the window as the Death Star orbited the Moon of Endor. He watched light slowly illuminate the soft curves of contorted limbs and muscles, slowly touch the pale face, the slightly parted lips and the dead, cold eyes of Jedi Luke Skywalker.

His Son.

His path to freedom from his bondage to Darth Sidious, his Master.

His bright star of hope.

His Sun.

He thought back to his failure the previous night, when Sidious had been revelling in his son’s pain and was vulnerable. His chance. His hesitation and subsequent loss of that chance. The life force leaving his son’s body. His pride.

He tasted the bitter salt in his tears which ran into his mouth. Nobody else would know the magnitude of the black beast’s grief. Nobody but his Master. And his son. Now only his Master, because the other was gone, lost because of his contemptible weakness, his comfort in his chains which bound him to Sidious. Anguish rolled over him again, as he remembered his child’s words.

"Father! Help me!"

His screams. His anguish as Force Lightning ripped through his poor body. Sidious’ mocking laughter.

He sneered slightly, thinking that the fact that his Master had to kill a child to feel important was pitiful. Then his arrogance melted as his mouth contorted into a grimace, remembering that Sidious was his Master. He served a child-killer. A son-killer. A sun-killer. He hated Sidious, and yet would not leave him, for he was now the only one who understood him.

The rays of the sun hit his bowed head, and he looked up, startled as light struck him in the eyes. He half-growled, half-sobbed as his eyepieces were quick to cut down on the light before it could hurt him like it would any other being. Once again, he was too slow to see the Sun.


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