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Title: Quiet Voices
chopsticks (spacedoutwriter@hotmail.com)
Rating: G
Characters: Vader
Spoilers/Timeline: Somewhere just before A New Hope.

Author’s Note: Oh, it’s kinda been a while. Hmmm.
Note: Written for the FanFic100 challenge of Spirit.
Dedication: For Hannah!

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or anything affiliated with it. It is owned by George Lucas. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Summary: He worries for his own sanity.

Quiet Voices
(Haunt Him Still)
by: chopsticks


Sometimes in the quiet of his hyperbaric chamber he can hear her voice echo in his mind. Most times he just brushes it off, refusing to admit that he is hearing the voice of his dead wife. Other times, he accepts her words and allows them reign in the confines of his mind.

He worries for his own sanity.

The words she whispers in his mind fluctuate from day to day. On particularly difficult days, where little has gone right for him, her words are comforting and a balancing force within his mind.

On other days, he can hear the hatred she feels toward him for his actions, for her death, and for the death of their child. The small part of the man left inside of him refuses to believe that she could ever hate him that much; that she would do nothing other than love him and forgive him.

He scoffs at the stupidity of that notion. He knows now that nothing can transcend anger, not even love. He knows because he has learned the lesson the hard way.

After all, he did kill his own wife.

Today her voice is whispering inside his head and he knows that he hasn't the strength to stop it. Not today.

He worries for his own sanity, and today he wishes for death. Anything to quiet the voice that taunts him.

Some part of him, buried beneath the layers of anger, reminds him that he will receive no rest, even in death. That the anger and darkness he inflicted upon others will be brought back down onto him, and he will be left to scream into the blackness of the Force.

Her words are not a comfort today. They heckle him and remind him of his sins, of things which can not be forgiven in this life or the next.

He knows he will never know the sweet release of death and becoming one with the Force. He knows he could never become one with her, begging for forgiveness and receiving it without hesitation.

He worries for his own sanity.

Her voice continues to haunt him.


the end.

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