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Title: Ours
Author: Arkady Skywalker (poke_girl_1@yahoo.com)
Rating: PG
Category: Poetry

Author's note: A poem reflecting on the Dark Lord, and "Us", fanfic writers.


Our Dark Lord
Man and Machine
Killer and Lover
Brother and Father
Unknown yet Obvious
Bonded yet Separated
There yet Distant
Cold yet Kind
Black Armor and White Skin
Stolen From and a Thief
Feared and Loved
Desired and Pushed Away
Lost and then Found
Protector and Abandoner
Murderer and Saint
Faithful and Traitor
Dark and Light
Jedi and Sith
Ours yet Belonging To No One
Slave Now Free
Our Man of Paradox
Our Dark Knight
And Avenging Angel
Our Lord Vader

Arkady Skywalker

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