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Title: Looking Busy
Author: Rhonderoo (rhonderoo@yahoo.com)
Rating: G
Characters: Vader, OC
Category: ESB missing scene
Disclaimer: They belong to Lucas. I am just borrowing them.

Summary: An anonymous officer witnesses Vader on the bridge at the end of ESB.

Looking Busy

I am watching with mixed horror and anticipation as the Corellian YT 1300 disappears into Hyperspace. The silence is deafening in the room and the air is positively cracking with energy. Admiral Piett has just lived his last day, of that there is no doubt. I watch as Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith slowly, calmly and purposely turns from the viewport.

Here it comes.

Oh, my stars.

I have heard about this, but it never occurred to me that I would see it up close so early in my assignment on the Executor. This is what we lower ranked officers brag about in the barracks and the cafeteria, they are notches on our collar. Usually it is some puffed up Captain or Commander that has so ubiquitously witnessed what it means to be among those who see these occurrences happen.

I mean, how often can one repeatedly get to be on assignment when these things happen?

And how many admirals has he gone through?

Not that it’s that big of a pity. Those guys bought and paid for their positions, they should have to live with the consequences, pun intended. I realize I am letting my bias be a little bit known, but there you have it.

Seriously, I mean, what could be more fun than watching those pompous idiots meet their doom by doing something stupid? I only wish I had been there for Ozzel.

Ohoho… I heard that was a sight to behold.

The man was actually condescending to Darth Vader...Darth Vader. Say it again with me...Darth Vader. Not just in the way he was to us lackeys or to most of his peers, but in the way that says…. “I’ve just found out I have an incurable disease, please end my pain and suffering.”

My buddy from flight training said he almost talked to the Dark Lord like a child. Can you believe that?

I laugh even now thinking the incredible lack of common sense that must have taken. But Ozzel, like so many of our superiors thought he was invincible. His daddy owned some land grants or something. It’s always something. I’ve come to believe that Darth Vader doesn’t much care about land grants.

Now, I don’t know too much about this Piett guy. He seems to be a pretty classy guy. That doesn’t always stop our most esteemed military leader, though. I heard Needa was, too. One thing is for sure, it is never good to be around when the man is in a mood. Funny enough, I heard Needa actually volunteered to go apologize when he didn’t necessarily have to make the gesture. Again, he must have had an incurable disease.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in those officers’ heads.

I mean, here I am just taking sensor readings from probe droids in various places on the ship, in my day’s duty as it were…and this happens.

And I thought it was going to be a boring day...

Vader has his hands behind his back and as the ship takes off, he just shakes his head. He is turning this way.

Here we go, now that’s what I’m talking about. Don’t let me down, big guy.

I see Piett is scared absolutely stiff. Heh. Me, I just keep my head down and keep tapping my datapad. And then it occurs to me…

He just walked past Piett…


Do you mean to tell me the one and only time I am on the bridge and something like this happens…he is going to keep walking?

I DO NOT believe this. Where is big bad Vader and why can’t he come out when I’m on the bridge? Not that I want Piett to die necessarily or anything, but come on…..!

This was going to be classic. This was something to tell Nijo Seenil when he starts on about that time he saw Motti telling Lord Vader to stop taunting them with his “sorcerer’s ways”. Sure, it wasn’t something as stupid as that or Ozzel, but it’s something.

But then again…

Hold on. Surely this is a first.

Frack, what am I saying? No one will believe me and it is just Piett, the man and me here on this damned part of the bridge.

Oh, carbon scoring….here he comes…

Tapping. Tapping.


Looking busy.

Looking busy.

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