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Of Alliance and Empire
by Jedijane

Although we long have fought
And at times you've made me mad
To think that you claim, sometimes, to actually be
Luke's dad.

You may be a composite
Of twisted wire and durasteel.
Still, I can't help thinking
Of your dark, yet attractive appeal.

Your strength is so much to me
Although we don't agree
And fight our little galactic wars
From the Core to a distant, stellar sea.

However, tis the season to be needin
And so I thought awhile
Though I don't get along with your philosophy
I still admire your guile

Well, for a short time I lay down my sword
And refuse to point the blame
In the end you're always there,
In your own, perverted way...
It makes me feel good to know
You, at least, give a care.

Once upon a time, when I was so much younger
Before I became a Rebel and met the son of a moisture farmer
When I was a Princess, a Senator's daughter
Dreaming of circles and rings, dragons and kings
You were and still are-
My Knight in Shining Armor.

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