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Spirit of the Night

by Jedijane

When dad left home
I felt so all alone
And you took me into your arms
Pledging to keep me from harm

As I walked a valley of shadows
In the back of my mind
I always heard your voice
Whispering as my guide
In and out of time

How many the days were
The memories I used to share
Having a family of my own
Until I fell into despair

It was me and my mother
I could not understand
Why my dad didn't want us any more
After that we became sad

But then you came
Sparing and silencing our pain
That first Christmas I heard your voice
Echo in my soul
A new thing to replace what was lost
A spirit of silver and gold

Though you may not have wings
Nor a halo around your head
The perfect image of perfection
Wearing a mask instead

Dark armor and a helmet.
These are your own things
That drive away the nightmares
When me and mother lay down to sleep
What comfort your strength brings

Your sword is bright red
Illuminating the night
In darkness when we are dormant
You are our safety, our light

Though you may not have wings
Or a halo around your head
Still, since I was a child
You're an angel to me who watches
Over our beds.

You may be real, you may be fantasy
A character whose story is trapped in a movie
Regardless of what you are,
Your own humanity shines
For indeed you are a wish
Whose soul, bright as a star
Is certainly a spark of divine.

Do you not know that you have been
Whispered among the angels?
In heaven's glorious light
There are few who cannot see
Your very own heart's beauty.

Indeed, Lord Vader, your goodness...
Though you try, in vain, to hide it
To the stars in the cosmos
It is no secret
Not to Luke, Leia, your own children
Or all the rest of us who cheer for you.

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