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The Sith Lord and the Scientist and Extracts

Author: Maia (maia@bastcastle.org)
Rating: PG to PG-13
Characters: Vader, OFC, a few other OC’s
Category: AU, Adventure, Romance, some Angst.

Disclaimer: I am not making any money from this, and he doesn’t belong to me. Darn.

The Sith Lord and the Scientist (PG-13)
What happens when a certain Sith Lord finds himself stranded on Earth with only a stubborn scientist to help him get back to the Empire?

Arrival (PG-13)
Back in the Empire, Vader finds that deceptions eventually do catch up to you. To complicate matters, he quickly discovers that having a woman in his life is not as easy as he thought it would be.

A Contest of Wills (PG)
Adjustments in any relationship can be difficult.

Lessons (PG)
Learning how to manage in a galaxy far, far away isn't easy when you are stuck with a Sith Lord.

Revelations (PG-13)
Secrets eventually do come out, despite attempts to hide them, and Vader finds out what the price for his silence and manipulations might be.

A Visit to Naboo (PG-13)
What starts out as a typical day on the Executor results in an unusual and surprising visit.

Corulag (PG)
A holiday on Corulag turns into an encounter with the media, and a banquet has a different ending than planned.

New Year's (PG-13)
The New Year’s fete is upon them, and Maia and Vader meet someone they didn’t expect to see again at the festivities.

Jungles and Gemstones (PG-13)
The Sith Lord has a misadventure on Mimban.

Hoth and Bespin (PG-13)
The events of the battle at Hoth and Vader’s visit to Bespin from a different perspective.

Aargau (PG-13)
Even a Sith Lord needs a tax haven.

A Day in the Life of ... (PG)
Just what does his Lordship do during a typical day? Written for a Bast Castle challenge.

Departures and Arrivals (PG)
Some separations are easier to bear than others.

Falls the Shadow (PG-13)
The Sith Lord finds himself caught in competition with the Prince Xizor for the Emperor’s favour.

Hapes (PG-13) NEW!
A diplomatic mission to Hapes takes several unexpected turns.

Endor (PG-13 Mature themes) NEW!
Destiny finally catches up to the Sith Lord.

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